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Adults with Disabilities

Adults with Disabilities

Adults with Disabilities

B107 An Exploration of Employment Options for Adults with Down syndrome   

C101 Calm to Crisis   

C103 My Possibilities: Continuing Education for Young Adults with Disabilities   

C104 A Siblings Journey   

C105 Dementia in Aging Adults with Down Syndrome   

C107 After High School: Post-Secondary Studies   

C201 To Be or Not Be a Guardian   

C203 Getting Past the Benefit  Myths The Truth About Working   

C301 Customized Employment   

C302 Guardianship   

C303 Issues in Adulthood   

C307 Camphill Communities of North America    


Adults with Disabilities

Adults with Disabilities

B101 Making Support Local: Starting A  DSA Group  

B102 Develop a Vision of the Future   

C102 Getting to Know the IDSC   

A201 Mosaic Down Syndrome 101   

A203 Advocate: All Your Questions  Answered    

A207 Justice For Ethan: Working With   Police   

C205 Advocacy: Option or Obligation   

C206 Bringing Your Journey Through an Eight Step Special Needs Planning Process   

A305 More Alike Than Different   

A306 NDSS 2015 Federal and State  Legislative Agenda   

A307 Share Your Expertise   

B301 From Birth to Advocacy   

B303 Parents As Dream Keepers     

Keynote: Inclusion: An International Perspective    

Early Childhood

Adults with Disabilities

Early Childhood

A101 Getting My Child to Sleep   

A105 Early Intervention   

A106 Adopting a Child With Down   Syndrome   

A107 Visual Supports for the   Classroom   

A205 Navigating the World When Your   Child Is An Eloper (Wanderer)   

A206 Tips and suggestions for  parenting a child with Down syndrome   

A301 Materials/Manipulatives in the   Learning Process

A303 The Baby-Led Weaning Approach   

A304 Hi, meet my child! Creating a   portfolio   

B106 Supporting MDS children to   communicate

B201 Life Beyond Flash   Cards: Phonics, Phonograms and Phun   

B203 Save Time By Integrating Your   Child's Goals Into Your Every Day Activities   

B205 Toilet Training   

B302 Everything I Need to Know I   Learned in an Inclusive Classroom   

B307 First Steps: A Guide for Parents   of Children With A New Diagnosis of Down Syndrome  


Medical Issues

Spanish Presentations

Early Childhood

A204 Vision Awareness and Red Flags   

B103 Dysfunctional Never! Behavior Development and Change   

B104 Understanding the New Prenatal Testing    

B105 Dysfunctional Never! Behavior Development and Change   

B306 Down Syndrome And Leukemia: Not Too Scary Facts You Should Know   

C305 Depression and Anxiety in People   with Down Syndrome and Mosaic Down Syndrome    


Spanish Presentations

Spanish Presentations

B202 Age-related Epigenomic Genomic   Changes in Trisomy 21   

B206 Advances in Down Syndrome Cognition Research   

C106 What DS Connect Can do for  Research and Practice  

C204 Get DS Connected   

C304 Advances in Down Syndrome Cognition Research    

Spanish Presentations

Spanish Presentations

Spanish Presentations

SP1 Hola! Conce a mi hijo! Creando un portafolio   

SP2 Mas Parecidos Quue Diferentes   

SP7 Padres son Los Defensores Mas Importantes    




A102 Assistive Technology: What is it and how do I use it?    

A302 Personalized eBooks   

B304 A Smattering of Apps    




A103 How to Navigate the NDSC Convention   

A104 Learning Online with 321